the new and improved michele khazak dot com

spent a good chunk of time today re-creating my website. it's gone from a sloppy and outdated blog format to a more sleek and simplified site. I had mixed feelings about deleting the living room blog, as it was a time capsule of sorts; old songs, old show posters, a blog roll of long lost friends, paintings long since given away and get my drift. after perusing the posts and taking a little stroll down memory lane I decided it was time to freshen things up. so when it says some paintings, those are just some of my paintings; and when it says some music, those are just some of my songs (the remainder being scattered around the internet on soundcloud or bandcamp or youtube -- and some of which will remain hidden on my personal hard drive).

I'll update the calendar when I do have shows (which doesn't happen nearly as often any more) and I'll add new music as it comes along. and I may even post in this blog when it strikes my fancy.

thanks for visiting and for reading.